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Titiksha Vashist 

Co-Founder, Lead Researcher

Titiksha is a researcher on technology and policy. Her work focuses on socio-political implications of technology in India. She holds a Masters in Politics and International Affairs from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is also an alum of the Elizabeth J. Sommers Women’s Leadership Programme at the George Washington University. Her work focusses on Public Digital Infrastructures in India, Fintech and creating resources for youth to better navigate a digital century.

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Projects and Publications

The Unboxing Tech Toolkit is an open source project, developed for younsters to understand the politics of design, keeping the smartphone as the object of analysis. This will help young people help young people understand their own behaviour, the role of persuasive design in shaping their online interactions. Developed in association with the Tactical Tech Collective. Download the toolkit.

Building Digital Public Goods for the Next Century: The case of India's UPI

Paper on India's UPI as a case of building digital goods for the next century as a model approach by India, which can serve as a case for other countries, particularly Germany. The paper was included in the Volume 'Digital Decade: Case Studies from Asia' published by KAS and the Digital Asia Hub.  Acess the paper here. 

India's 5G Conundrum: On the Technopolitics of 5G

The Handbook of 5G includes 6 essays from professions across security, policy, comparative politics and economics to help unpack India's 5G conundrum. India’s 5G trajectory cannot be understood without engaging
with interconnected technological, geopolitical, policy and national security concerns. The essays analyse the complex interconnected trade-offs which underpin the massive telecom revolution.

COVID-19 and the New Normal in India’s Gig Economy

What’s the current state of India’s gig economy? This article explores the precariousness of gig work and the surveillance practices introduced during the pandemic, and details the newly introduced Social Security Code which covers platform workers. Read the article here

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