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Mines, Maps and Minerals: Our session at the UN APrIGF held in Brisbane

The Pranava Institute organised a session titled "Mines, Maps and Minerals: Trace the complex material flows of your smartphone to make more sustainable choices" at the UN Asia -Pacific regional Internet Governance Forum held in Brisbane, Australia.

Find the recording from the session below.


About the Project:

Brief: The Unboxing Tech Toolkit is a guide to understanding your smartphone better. While invented only thirty years ago, the smartphone today impacts all aspects of our life. This toolkit will help you deconstruct the single unified notion of a smartphone and understand- where your smartphone comes from, who all are involved in the making of it, what is it made up of, and finally, where does it go once you dispose of it. This toolkit will help map material flows related to smartphones.

Why this toolkit?: This toolkit exposes youth to the material perspective on the smartphone using the metaframe of BUY-USE-DISPOSE the three ways in which we commonly interact with devices. The final goal is to increase awareness and encourage more sustainable, conscious technology choices.

Impact: The toolkit was showcased at the Re:Publica festival for digital society in Berlin in June 2023, where researchers, civil society, journalists and hackers engaged with the toolkit. The session was hosted by the Global Innovation Gathering. Read more here.

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