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  • Writer's pictureTitiksha Vashist

[New Project] Design Beyond Deception: Tackling Deceptive Design Online

Our 'Design Beyond Deception' Project is an attempt to re-engage with UI/UX design practice today in order to tackle deceptive design, and move towards ethical practices. The project seeks to explore the impacts of 'dark patterns' on user well-being, markets and society at large, and create a manual on ethical design for practitioners using participatory methods with stakeholders.

The project includes opportunities to collaborate, learn, as well as participate as a member of the public concerned about deceptive design or 'dark patterns' in the online world.

The site is also home to our Deceptive Design Blog Series which will collect the work of young authors across the world studying deceptive design in their fields of expertise. The blog will help deepen as well as broaden the conversation on deceptive design by engaging with its real-world impact in online education, e-commerce. in voice interfaces, in data regulation, etc.

Finally, the website includes announcements for forthcoming workshops, job opportunities and ways to engage with us. Visit the microsite to stay updated.


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