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Technology. Policy. Society. 

The Pranava Institute works at the intersection of Emerging Technology, Public Policy, and Society from an India-first perspective. We help organisations stay ahead of the curve on all things tech policy through research, strategic insight, and capacity-building. We believe in developing emic approaches to technology and creating sustainable digital futures.

What We Do
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Our research focuses on emerging technology and its interactions with politics and society. We produce publications, multimedia outputs, and reports. Our research team works with global organisations, research groups and universities worldwide on topics such as trust and safety, and youth and media. 


We offer advisory services to support businesses, public organisations, and non-profits as they navigate the digital economy. We provide research-backed insights on a wide range of digital issues.

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News from the Institute

Meet the Team

Out team brings together people with a passion for tracking emerging tech sectors, and having  expertise in technology policy, computer science, political science and international affairs, and management in one place.

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